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Divi creators launch a generator of “magazine” themes for WordPress

Divi is a famous WordPress theme, created by elegantthemes, and is one of the most famous themes, in recent months several articles appears about Divi around the world and the Internet.

Elegantthemes is a well known company that develops premium themes for subscribers, and more than a year created Divi a theme that can be customized in so many ways that two of them can never look the same. The secret of Divi is that works like a puzzle, with drag and drop components of all kinds, and you can fit in your WordPress website like a LEGO.

As a result Divi is more like a theme generator, a resource that can be used to create compatible websites with various displays, easy to update and unique as far as design is concerned.

Using the same Divi philosophy, elegantthemes launched EXTRA, a theme created to make it possible to generate "maganzine style” sites without programming.

In the same way, as in Divi you can drag and drop components like text, images, sliders, tabs, galleries and more, EXTRA can create pages with blocks of information following the same theory: posts of a category on one side, slider with a featured posts in others, images in one column, and so on.

With more than 40 modules of content, the goal is to customize our web magazine using from regions to interact with the user to other just for show information, and all of that without having to write a single line of code.

In the same way, that we can design the home page with the available modules, it is also possible to design each of the posts independently, thus being possible to construct stories in an unthinkable way for any other WordPress theme. It’s a totally new way to design websites. And without coding.

In the same way that Divi set a before and after point in the development of WordPress websites (mainly in the content management), EXTRA is a reference in this new sector, and elegantthemes  creates it for more targeted sites with dynamic content (blogs, for example), a forgotten category in the classic Divi.

These WordPress themes are created especially for magazines, newspapers or those websites  who want to have a magazine style to display their contents or posts. Its versatility helps to show a fresh and new style, so with every content update, generates a new view of the web.

Unfortunately, neither Extra nor Divi are free templates, but the price is very affordable and the advantages of having a theme of this quality make that pay for being very profitable.

Also each day new themes appear in the market, and they are specially made for WordPress websites, giving of the open source platform more reasons to remain been the favorite around the globe.