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How to choose a good hosting WordPress?

Many visual professionals still unknown how to choose a good WordPress hosting that can positively influence the performance of their website and also in the websites that they design for clients. But… how to choose a good hosting?

Undoubtedly, a website is a presentation letter for any organization and one of the most important services that you will offer, along with your products or services. Your reputation will not be good f your website doesn’t work or respond to certain functional and technical aspects. And in this aspects is where a good hosting can make a big difference.

The hosting is a service to store Internet websites, files, emails, systems, applications, etc. Specialized data centers are responsible for this storage, where numerous computers -designed specifically for hosting- are connected to the Internet constantly, hosting all types of files via high-speed connections. 

Organizations and users that hire this kind of services usually do through a WordPress Hosting companies that in addition to providing storage space also provides different services to manage your account, with technical support 24/7 in any language.

WordPress.org is a platform that requires resources and the server hosting for your website must be of good quality. To distinguish a good WordPress hosting provider for  others who are not, it is necessary to identify a number of features, such as its support is composed of experts in WordPress and if there are always available at any hour, giving a quick response to any telephone consultations and any problem arising in the web.

Another important feature for a WordPress hosting services is the server-level protection, as well as performing full backups of the web, which ensure the possibility of its restoration and to safeguard the content of this no matter what (hackers attacks, viruses, etc.).

WordPress hosting services must also have an infrastructure to provide high speed to your website, especially if you work with videos and images such as servers located strategically in the world, software optimized for speed, dynamic storage, among others.
Also, depending on the needs of your web project, hosting options for WordPress will be different; depending on the volume of content and traffic the website will need more or less space and resources. It is essential to know what your project needs before making the choice and contract a hosting service.

For a startup of 10,000 visits per month or less, for example, a WordPress hosting to launch the website or migrate a blog already created, a service with basic options is most appropriate. This option works well even with small online shops.

As the web grows along with traffic (over 25,000 views per month) will need more resources. Therefore, you should look to for a server with more complex infrastructures and more powerful servers, that enable greater speed and safety.

These are just an approach to the possibilities that exist in WordPress hosting services, but you can guide to finding the best WordPress hosting for your website with theses pieces of advice.

If you want more information you can have a look at SiteGround, Bluehost, Inmotion Hosting, A2 Hosting, MediaTemple, GoDaddy, GreenGeeks, Arvixe Hosting, Eleven2 to name a few.