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How to disable automatic updates in WordPress

For those who use WordPress for many years, certain tricks or features of the platform are standard practice, but for those who begin to learn how to use the most popular platform to create Internet websites, there are tricks that have not yet been revealed to them.

But still, one of the innovations introduced in recent versions of WordPress is the option of automatic updates.

This means that whenever launched a new version of the platform, the upgrade is done automatically and an email notification is received from the admin of the website when it is completed.

This is very nice. It saves time and this process makes automating maintenance without the intervention of the webmaster or any action from the site owner.

WordPress is the perfect platform for those who make a basic use of it and for those who need a good structure to create new and spectacular websites.

However, for some WordPress users can bring some problems, especially if you use special plugins or custom themes.

With upgrades, exists the possibility that some plugins and themes show incompatibility problems, especially if there has been tested with newer versions.

If you find yourself constantly trying out new plugins or tools, the best option, it disables automatic updates in WordPress. Or maybe you just want to get more control and do everything manually. In both cases, disable automatic updates.

But… How disable automatic updates? Let’s quickly see how in a few minutes.

The only thing you have to do is add the following code to wp-config.php document, the file that controls many functions and essential aspects of WordPress:

define ( 'WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE', false);

That's it! You will never will have an automatic update in your WordPress (at least you active them again).

Now you can perform the update of WordPress manually without worrying about changes in your site or surprises when reviewing support for plugins or themes.