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Signs that you need to change your website design – Part 2

Templates are files that control how your WordPress site will be posted on the Internet. These files draw information from your WordPress MySQL data and generate the HTML code that is forwarded to the web browser.  With its powerful theme system, WordPress enables you to define many templates as you[…]

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What to do after installing WordPress- Part 2

In the first part of the article, you found how to continue with your website once that you install WordPress. Now we are going to go deep in the installation process. You have ready the basic options: anti-SPAM measure, SEO and a Sitemap. Now is time to personalize more your[…]

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Mojo Themes: professional themes for your website

If you want to have a presence on Internet, you have to work on your message and image, because is not only have a website with a few lines and contact numbers and e-mails with colors and buttons. If you have a small or medium company, maybe you don’t have[…]

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