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What is important for writers, editors and publishers?

Maybe you have been reading some critics about the WordPress post editor, such as that isn’t intuitive, is slow, uncomfortable and not very versatile, and for that, many editors look for other texts editing tools. 

WordPress is aware of that, and to please those editors and attract others, recently launched a tool to improve and modified completely the text editor, and gives the tools that other platforms like Medium offers at the moment.

The best thing that a post editor can offer is being a fairly comprehensive tool focused on content. WordPress detractors say that the traditional editor confuses sings, giving us tons of options and a small text box for content. In short, we note that is an interface created by a programmer, not a writer.

A great tool can offer to the editors the options of change size, alignment, rotate the image, add borders to it, and even use some effects or filters. If they had taken the picture and wanted to add a stamp or watermark. In essence, a text editor for writers.

There are many text processors on the web and programs to install on your computer: Word, Pages, Open Live Writer, to name the most famous. But for website editors, WordPress is one of the most used. 

WordPress 3.9 may convince some detractors to stop using external editors, and in the in later versions, some improvement helped to improve the image of the text editor.

Especially because supports "Markdown" (the best way to edit formatted text) has improved a lot through Jetpack WordPress. The platform has improved support copy/paste text styles to the editor, especially if we write the text in applications that modify it in some way (like Microsoft Word).

Now he text editor is much more versatile and robust. Especially when it comes to handling multimedia files.

With images, for example, now simply drag and drop them to the post editing field. In the past, this was required an annoying ritual of go to "Add Media" and then drag the image to the post. This would interrupt the flow of editing post. Besides, we can simply take the image and enlarge or shrink it in the same editor.

Image galleries also has improved considerably and now are editable in the same post. It is another vital step for the content editor resembles increasingly the end result. Moreover, in image galleries, we now have the option to add audio playlists directly to post! Simply pull several mp3s and create a built-in player.

Remember, to have this improvement in your text editor, you must combine it with Jetpack WordPress and enable Markdown.